Don't Install a Plain Concrete Patio in Clarksdale, MO

Don't Install a Plain Concrete Patio in Clarksdale, MO

Make your concrete look amazing with a stamped concrete design

A boring concrete slab doesn't do your curb appeal any favors. That's why Hogan Concrete LLC installs decorative concrete in Clarksdale, MO. You'll work with our expert to choose an incredible design. With many stained and stamped concrete options available, we can make your new patio fit your vision.

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Creating a unique appearance for your concrete

Customizing your concrete is easy with our professional team on the job. With our decorative concrete options, you can:

  • Stain your concrete a color that suits your property
  • Choose a stamp design that imitates wood, stone or brick
  • Apply a resilient finish that will help your concrete stand the test of time

Additionally, we can acid stain your concrete. This unique option creates a marbled effect that looks beautiful in any space. For more information on our stamped concrete options, contact us now.